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Your Concierge Team at The Landings can help plan out your days in St Lucia... On the Sea, Under the Sea, on our Simply Beautiful Land or try ....Our Planet

In addition to St. Lucia’s countless beautiful harbors and bays, the island features 19,000 acres of mountainous rainforest and 29 miles of trails just waiting for you to explore. These areas are maintained by organizations such as the St Lucia National Trust and the Department of Forestry.

The rainforest, respected as a superb habitat for approximately 30 species of birds and numerous types of rare plants, is a magical world where elusive Jacquot parrots squawk from the treetops, colorful orchids scent the air and hummingbirds buzz among the palms.

Whether sailing on the calm, crystal clear waters of the Caribbean or hiking to the peaks of the world-famous Piton Mountains; with a St Lucia vacation at The Landings, the options are endless….....its and island for adventure and romance.

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Adventures... on the Sea
Adventures... under the Sea
Adventures... on Land
Our Planet

Adventures... on the Sea

Deep Sea Fishing (Group or Charter)

The ‘Catch of the Day’ will become your thrill for the day!  On this excursion you venture about 1 1/2 – 4 miles off-shore.  The knowledgeable boat captains will take you to the area’s best fishing spots where you will likely catch Marlin, King Fish, Sail Fish, Yellow Fin Tuna, Wahoo, Dorado and Barracudas.  Drinks, fresh fruit and snacks are included.

Dolphin & Whale Watching (Group or Charter)

This exciting tour takes you along the west coast of our island.  As you travel along the calm waters of the Caribbean Sea, the sight of whales and dolphins in their natural habitat is a magical and unforgettable experience.  Boats are often accompanied by dolphins playing in the boat’s wake.  Drinks, fresh fruit and snacks are included.

The Romantic Sunset Cruise (Private)

Depart at 4:30 pm ( depending on the time of year) and set sail for a Romantic Sunset Cruise.  Included is a captain, stewardess, open-bar, champagne for the sunset, fresh tropical fruit and snacks.

Half Day Sailing Charter

Sail southbound exploring the west coast of St. Lucia.  Swim and snorkel at Anse Cochon and tour the beautiful inlet of Marigot Bay!  Included is a captain, stewardess, open-bar, champagne, fresh tropical fruits and snacks.  

Full Day Sailing Charter

Visit the Anse Cochon Marine Reserve, breathtaking Marigot Bay and sail under the shadow of the famous Piton Mountains.  Enjoy snorkeling and swimming at some of St. Lucia’s most pristine beaches and return to The Landings at sunset in time for sundowners.  Included is a captain, stewardess, full open-bar, champagne, gourmet lunch, fresh tropical fruits and snacks.  Guests who wish to spend more time snorkeling or swimming in the Soufriere area, can stay longer and will be provided with a complimentary taxi ride back to The Landings.

The Lobster Dinner Cruise (Seasonal)

Depart at 4:30 pm and enjoy a Caribbean sunset with champagne.  We anchor off Pigeon Island National Park where your personal chef will prepare a Lobster dinner onboard.  You'll enjoy a three course lobster feast on board served with wine and champagne.  A captain, stewardess and chef will be at your service.  We also provide a variety of dishes including USDA angus steaks, jumbo prawns, fresh fish -in fact you can have anything you want as long as its freshly available.

Jus’ Sail (Laid back Caribbean sailing)

‘A unique Caribbean experience aboard our lovingly restored Carriacou Sloop’

For over 150 years these colorful hand built wooden sailing vessels traded everything from spices to rum throughout the islands. A once regular sight and for decades lost... Jus’ Sail is proud to put this unique piece of West Indian history back to work.

For those adventurous souls seeking an authentic connection to the heritage of this historic island chain, the Jus’ Sail crew will ensure you have a truly fun filled and memorable experience. Our small intimate groups & private charters enhance the romance of being aboard this unique vessel.

We’ll head off the beaten track to see the real St Lucia ~ check out local fishing villages, explore secluded beaches, snorkel remote reefs, search for whales & dolphins, relax on deck, enjoy sumptuous food & refreshing drinks or Jus’ Sail ~ you choose......Two hours ~ All day & everything in between! Have us all to yourself or share in a small group.


Adventure.... under the Sea

SCUBA Diving and Marine Park Snorkeling

St. Lucia has some of the most scenic underwater settings in the Caribbean.  There is an abundance of aquatic life to see in designated marine reserves spread along the west coast of the island.  Daily SCUBA and Snorkel trips are offered for both beginners and certified divers.  Dive walls, wrecks and a variety of fabulous reefs abound in the pristine waters of the St. Lucian Marine Reserves.  

Sea Trek Adventure Helmet Diving

This activity is as close as it gets to the sensations of walking in space. If you can walk and breathe- you can Sea Trek. Under the supervision of  warm, friendly and certified Sea Trek Guides, you will take a walk on the "wet" side which brings you face to face with the marvel of marine life. There are no masks, no mouthpieces, no stress and no complications. You can even wear your prescription glasses, as your entire head stays dry throughout your underwater adventure.

SNUBA Adventure

SNUBA Diving is one of the latest sensations to hit the watersports world. It offers the best way to go beyond snorkeling, without actually scuba diving. The SNUBA equipment allows you to stay under the sea without surfacing but you are always attached by an airline to your boat.  Under the supervision of friendly and certified SNUBA guides, you can intimately explore exotic marine life.  The SNUBA Adventure Tour at Pigeon Island features waters offering a variety of tropical fish and marine life including:  Flounder, Blue Tang, Parrot Fish, Squirrel Fish, Spiny Lobster, Arrow Crabs, Octopus and a wide range of coral life.  The maximum depth is 20 feet and diving is catered to your level of comfort.

Land & Sea Tour (by Jeep & Catamaran)

A land and sea tour with a difference!!! The outward trek is in open back Land rover jeeps and for the return trip you sail back by boat.  Your jeep takes you down the magnificent St Lucian coast to Soufriere, with detours through small country villages, along the outskirts of the rainforest, as well as stops along the way to sample fresh local produce, such as turnovers, coconut water, and fresh fruit. Your jeep is also well-stocked with water, soft drinks and rum punch or beer. In Soufriere, home of the breathtaking Piton Mountains, which rise majestically from the ocean, you'll visit the Sulphur Springs, known as the world’s only drive in volcano. You will also have the chance to take a swim in a natural waterfall fed by forest streams. Then it's on to one of the estate restaurants in the scenic town of Soufriere, nestled in tropical gardens.  After lunch, you'll board a boat for the scenic and relaxing return journey Northwards along the west coast. You'll have time to swim in the crystal clear waters of calm Anse Cochon Bay en route and explore Hurrican Hole at picture perfect Marigot Bay on the return trip.

Soufriere Extravaganza (Catamaran day sail)

This is a fun filled, all day, all adventure catamaran cruise on the calm Caribbean Sea to Soufriere where you see many of the famous sights of St. Lucia:  The Landmark Pitons, cascading waterfalls and botanical gardens, and the Caribbean’s only drive-in volcano.  You will be treated to a lunch buffet where a variety of local cuisine awaits you.  On your return, you'll stop off  to swim in the crystal clear water of a pristine beach and visit  Marigot Bay before returning to The Landings.

Tout Bagay (Catamaran day sail)

In the local Creole, the words "Tout Bagay" mean “Everything”. Need we say more? Your vacation would not be complete without sailing down the west coast of St. Lucia on a tour of Soufriere. A guided tour through the Volcano, with a Mudbath option and then on to the Toraille Waterfall before heading to historic Morne Coubaril Estate. It’s not all about beauty, but also a bit of history. See how the first inhabitants survived in thatched houses and how they produced cocoa and sugar cane for survival. If you are not an outdoor enthusiast and love amazing views, then let’s go Zip lining! Head out on St. Lucia’s ONLY tandem zip line with the Piton in clear view to the south and Soufriere town to the north. Lunch is then served! Sit down with nature and enjoy our Creole buffet lunch which is prepared using some of the provisions and vegetables produced on the estate and if you have a sweet tooth there is dessert too. Return to your boat you'll head back up the coast to a picturesque swim stop. Snorkeling is on the menu and following that, the day would not be complete if you did not see Marigot Bay, St. Lucias’s best safe yacht haven and location to some of the world’s best known movies. Many years ago the actors Rex Harrison and singer Anthony Newley were making the original version of Dr Doolittle on Marigots only beach.  As the day wines down the party wines up, try a few dance moves to some of the Caribbean’s latest songs before returning to dock for 5pm, but probably later Caribbean time!


Adventure...... on land

ATV Adventures

Riding an ATV is a thrill.  Great for "petrol heads" or just for people who want some real fun. Enjoy these easy to operate, fully automatic, all terrain vehicles on a guided tour through the unspoiled parts of St Lucia where riders of all levels will get the chance to explore areas where most other tours cannot take them.  Age restrictions apply.

Tranopy Zip-lining

The innovative TRANOPY tour combines the up-close views of an aerial tram (gondola) ride with the excitement of a canopy zip line tour. A professional nature guide will accompany you along the rainforest trails, pointing out some of the secrets of the rainforest that surrounds you. This trip ia a combination of hiking, zip lining and an aerial tram ride providing guests with the ultimate "close to nature" experience.  

Adrena-line Adventure

The Adrena Line zip line tour is not for the faint of heart. This exciting and exhilerating ride starts off with a short hike through the peaceful forest. This quickly turns into an adrenaline rush as you scramble across the "Floating Stairs" past "Eagle's Claw", zip line through the canopy from tree to tree with 18 platforms, swing from the "Tarzan Swing" onto "Tarantula's Nest", then rappel down on the "Boa Rappel" back to solid terrain.

Horseback Riding

Trail rides are scheduled daily along the wild and deserted Atlantic Coast  and to the mile long "Cas En Bas" Beach.  It is a one hour ride along the shore, or two hours of riding, plus some tours include the option of swimming with your horse and additional opportunities to take photos.  At the beach there is access to restrooms, a bar and souvenir shopping.

Piton Climbing

This tour is certainly for individuals who like to hike and love adventure. You do need to be fairly fit to do this.  The Pitons Mountains or "Magic Mystic Mountains" are part of a World Heritage Site and are two of the tallest mountains on St. Lucia.  The majestic peak of Gros Piton stands 2,619 ft. and is the chosen hike of the two.  You'll get the most incredicle 360 view of the island and as you look across to the rainforest interior, the only peak, taller than you will be Mount Gimmie. During the making of a "Superman" movie, the late Christopher Reeve alighted on the side of Gros Piton to pick a rare orchid for Lois Lane, then flew at the speed of light back to the North Pole!

Soufriere Jeep Tour to Waterfall and Mud Bath

Travel south through the banana plantations, fishing villages, the rainforest and rich tropical island vegetation. The knowledgeable guides will inform you of the island’s history and the sights as you pass by. It’s then on to Soufriere to see the Twin Peaks of the Pitons with the first stop at the Toraille waterfall where you can bathe in the cool refreshing mountain water of this delightful waterfall. You'll then visit the Sulphur Springs at the Drive in Volcano and feel rejuvenated in the rich mineral water of the mud baths heated by the volcano itself. Next stop is for a delicious buffet lunch prepared with fresh local ingredients at a local restaurant nestled in island greenery and colorful flowers in Soufriere before the pleasant return to The Landings.

Tropical Jeep Safari

Experience St. Lucia from a unique perspective and enjoy an exciting ride to the island’s interior in an open-topped Land Rover.  You will get the chance to see rural country life and fascinating scenery.  You will pass through St. Lucia’s largest banana plantation, see the highest mountain on St. Lucia -Mount Gimmie (weather permitting) and visit quaint farming and fishing villages.  Along the way, you may get the chance to sample local farmer’s freshly picked fruits and cool coconut water.

Biking and Waterfall Tour

Take a scenic drive to the fishing village of Anse La Raye where you will board mountain bikes.  After a short ride in the village with its historical Roman Catholic Church, it’s on to a country river road for some riding fun.  The trail takes you through the outskirts of lush secondary rainforest accompanied by birdsong, fresh air and a gurgling river.  At the first leg of the ride is an exhilarating walk to a picturesque waterfall.  From there it’s back to the bikes for a short ride to a natural pool for a refreshing bath.  Then back to your original departure point for a drink and stroll through the village before beginning your scenic return ride.

Rainforest Hikes

Hiking is a fantastic way to see St. Lucia’s rainforest.  Walk below the shade of the ever-growing canopy, home to hundreds of different species of rainforest wildlife.  There is the chance of seeing or hearing the elusive “St. Lucian Parrot” and experiencing the thrill of viewing a Boa Constrictor lying in cool indifference on a tree trunk.  Your guides are knowledgeable and eager to answer any questions you may have.



"Our Planet" is St Lucia’s new multi-million dollar state-of-the-art attraction which has a partnership with NOAA/NASA. Your guided tour of Our Planet will include eleven different spaces where you will discover more about St Lucia and the planet we live on including: a view of our planet as seen from outer space provided by NASA; a kaleidoscopic view of life in the "Mirrorsphere"; floor to ceiling imagery in the "immersive zone"; an interactive floor and globe; video interviews with local conservationists; games where you can create your own hurricane or power your own city and a special effects theatre where you can feel the impacts of extreme weather events and enjoy a laser show. Our Planet is highly rated on Trip Advisor and while you are in Castries you can also visit the duty free shops, the local market and the Cathedral with its frescos. You can either buy your tickets directly from the Concierge at a discount and make your own way to Our Planet or transport can be arranged for you. Suitable for all ages and all weathers, even rainy days!